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Bear Kids Decor

Lamps for baby, shabby chic style lighting, baby night lights, baby table lamps

Baby's nursery lighting, baby table lamp, baby nightlights



baby bath towel sets

baby table lamp

Magestic, larger size shabby chic, victorian table lamp

Sold out
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Original hat-shaped lamp crafted with victorian roses fabric.  Ocassional fringe

2 colors


nursery lamp

Floral with lace throughout.  Beautiful rose focal point. Perfect for a bedroom or vanity



Delightful lace edged lamp with an elegant "neck"

Comes in pink and white lace


Victorian parasol shaped with long fringe ending with a beautiful bead




baby nursery swag silk lamp

Sold out
swag lamp for babies

Sold out

baby bath clocks


girl table lamp

Lovely girl riding her scooter



figurine girl lamp

Beautiful flowing hair girl



girl figurine lamp


Adorable stand figurine girl



figurine baby lamp

Perfect table lamp for girls
Young lady figurine riding her scooter


figurine baby lamp

Sweet young girl with a scooter and basket.


figurine couple lamp for baby

Delightful couple boy-girl figurine lamp



figurine lighting

Darling boy-girl figurine lamp.







baby bath tissue covers

girl night light

Lavender shabby
chic delight


nursery night light

Sheer fabric with silk
flowers and ribbons


baby night light

Brown tone beauty with
a chocolate focal point rose


baby night light

Neutral roses fabric gives
a lovely glow

girls night light

Elegant, lovely skirt finish
with lace and fring


baby girl night light

With delicate organza
roses throughout the edge



baby night light

Baby's wall night light



baby night light

Perfect nursery wall night light

baby night light

Nursery wall night light



baby night light

Baby's wall night light



baby night light

Baby room wall night light