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curtain tie backs for girls

Flower Curtain Tie Backs
now on SALE


girly night lights

Shabby Chic specially for girls night lights


teddy bear teddy bear




Bear Decor for children

Children's wall art




Wall Art for Girls' Room




Wall decor wood letters for girls


girl wall art

Canvas girl wall art



Canvas wall plaques for girls

Coming soon:

Wood texture canvas plaques

Maud Humphrey When I was a bachelor

Maud Humphrey's
Wall Art

Coming soon:

Twill texture canvas plaques


girly wall decals

Girly Wall Decals

Boy's wall art

boys wall decal sticker

Boys Wall Decals


Sweet "My Room" signs
printed on Canvas Panel
Primed with titanium acrylic gesso - Acid Free

boy wall art

Whimsical room signs
Patchwork with cross stitch design
on wooden hoop

Oval or round sizes

Boy - children wall art

boys wall decor alphabet

Boys' wall decor alphabet letters

100 % wood
back painted white color


Boy's original canvas art
mixed media
Acrylic paint on gesso